Hoover Instrumental Music Boosters (HIMB) is a volunteer organization dedicated to positively supporting the goals of the Hoover Instrumental Music (HIM) program at Herbert Hoover High School.

The mission of HIMB is to provide positive support for HIM program as it enhances the lives of the HIM students.

HIMB members work to enable the band director and the instructional staff in offering the HIM students the best possible educational experience by:

  • Providing financial support.  The members ensure the financial stability of HIM by planning, organizing, and implementing various fundraisers.
  • Volunteering their skills and resources wherever and wherever needed.  The members serve the needs of HIMB and HIM by driving trucks, serving food and water, attending fundraisers, building and moving props, managing events, and performing many other jobs that have to be done.
  • Being positive advocates of HIM program, externally.  The members are expected to communicate the exceptional quality of the program to the community at large.
Down in their hearts, wise men know this truth: The only way to help yourself is to help others.
— Elbert Hubbard - American writer (1856-1915)

Our standard of excellence depends on parents who become positive, active members.  Positive parents are a vital part of the continued success of Hoover Instrumental Music.

HIMB offers many rewarding volunteer opportunities to its members.  All member’s personal and professional experiences can be employed and are much appreciated.

Please contact Gigi Salas at 909.418.1576 or other members to find out how you can become involved with our program and fulfill your volunteer commitment.